BananaStrikers is a game created in less than 12 hours for the Banana Jam, August of 2017. A simple two player soccer game where you are a ball and the ball is a banana. I had a lot of fun making this one.

Secret tip: Press shoot and jump at once for a MEGA JUMP SHOT.


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Challenging, but very fun and creative, loved playing it!

Can you add a 32bit build, please?

Absolutely, I thought I did that. I will fix that now!


There's a 32 bit build now that you can try.

How do you manage to get the banana up the steps?...

Player 1 press V to kick the banana, player 2 press Right Ctrl. Does that work for you?

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Oh it works now

There might have been a problem earlier, I updated the files. Try again and see the instructions on how to shoot. Thanks!