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The character is a lot of fun to use! I'm really enjoying it. Is there any chance of you releasing the script? I've been going through trying to develop one so I can playtest levels I am designing, but I'd much rather just build levels and not have to worry about developing a good character controller for playtesting. Thanks!

Nice! We are making a FPS Shooter game! Can we get the scripts? plsss.

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I am looking to develop a similar prototype, can you please share your c# script.

If you can give me a link to the complete git repo, that would be awesome.



Cool! Work got in the way and I had to pause work on this, I need to do some cleanup before I'd like to share it but I will let you know once I have done that!

Looks great. Keen to see this progress. Could definitely see myself using it in future. And my Game Design students would love this! :D

sounds good! I'm worling on cleaning up the code and commenting. Then I will release a first simple version. I have managed to get stuck on the ledge of a box a few times but I'm having a hard time recreating this bug. Let me know if you encounter getting stuck.

Cool. Awesome. Some Optional Features I would like to request would be,

  • Double Jump
  • Jump And Slide (JetPack like)
  • Take and Drop things (Too far ;))
Demo Looks cool by the way. Anxiously waiting ....

Thanks for trying!! I will consider adding those features to my list, double jump I can promise since it's very easy to implement. I'll keep you posted when I have a script ready for release!