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Although this has been two years already, I'm still waiting if you could release the script. It looks awesome!

I'd love to see manual camera control. This is awesome by the way, and I'd love to use it in a project!


Hey, could you release this script? I really wanna use it on my next game. Congratulations for this project!


The character is a lot of fun to use! I'm really enjoying it. Is there any chance of you releasing the script? I've been going through trying to develop one so I can playtest levels I am designing, but I'd much rather just build levels and not have to worry about developing a good character controller for playtesting. Thanks!

Nice! We are making a FPS Shooter game! Can we get the scripts? plsss.

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I am looking to develop a similar prototype, can you please share your c# script.

If you can give me a link to the complete git repo, that would be awesome.



Cool! Work got in the way and I had to pause work on this, I need to do some cleanup before I'd like to share it but I will let you know once I have done that!

Looks great. Keen to see this progress. Could definitely see myself using it in future. And my Game Design students would love this! :D

sounds good! I'm worling on cleaning up the code and commenting. Then I will release a first simple version. I have managed to get stuck on the ledge of a box a few times but I'm having a hard time recreating this bug. Let me know if you encounter getting stuck.


Cool. Awesome. Some Optional Features I would like to request would be,

  • Double Jump
  • Jump And Slide (JetPack like)
  • Take and Drop things (Too far ;))
Demo Looks cool by the way. Anxiously waiting ....

Thanks for trying!! I will consider adding those features to my list, double jump I can promise since it's very easy to implement. I'll keep you posted when I have a script ready for release!