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idk how to play and there is no tutorial dis game sucks


the dev said it wasn't a game

in the instructions - at the bottom of the desc.



hey bro your game is awsome am playing care some pets and added i can build and i can throw them a food not growing plants but the plants are fine to me am ok for that love this game am care some muntant pets awsome dude!

This is really cool -- is there any way to set your own starting conditions? Speed up the evolution time? Record population as a function of some variable over time?

That'd be really useful and really cool for people studying computational evolutionary biology. :-D

Thanks! Yeah I might make a new version some day, these things can easily be added. Not sure when I will find the time though.

I totally understand. There's no init file, then? Maybe put the source up?

Interesting simulation. I understand that this is not 100% a game, but I would like to alow the player to have an impact on the creatures. The comment below contains some great ideas. Also I want to see more advanced creatures with arms, legs, and other stuff. Maybe a bigger world would be cool. Also add a way so the creatures can evolve into civilisations! I would LOVE to see that. Keep updating this project please. So far you are doing a great job :D

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I wish I could select and move creatures
It needs more tools, like moving, adding food to the world, copy paste creatures, change enclosures size, etc
And slow down, speed up, pause time

But great start otherwise! I noticed they were quite smart even at the begenning, pre-trained?

how do you play?

You don't right now. You just watch.


Nice little simulation! Fascinating to watch.

With the current map it did seem to be quite unlikely for a population to survive for a longer amount of time. I figured if they reach one of the smaller side pools the may reach some sort of balance, but it was very unlikely with the current settings that enough blobs jumped into a small pool at once.

Would have been cool to have some settings to play around with or maps to choose from and see how it affects the population. Also the generated color palettes were pretty nice imo :)


yeah this was a little rushed and I haven't had the time to come back to it. Might make a new version some day. Thanks for trying it!

You should add different kinds of plants.


how do you play multiplayer

Why does creatures just always die and they cant produce more children than dying creatures.

it's kinda buggy on computers that are not very fast. sorry

game is lagging and creatures won't survive for longer than 40 seconds. please fix that. the concept is great, i like it but the "game" has problems.

yeah it's just a prototype and requires a quite powerful computer because of zero optimization. I will not likely keep working on this but might use what I learned in other projects in the future. Thanks for trying it out anyway!


Interesting concept. Please take it furhter.


hate it

Haha ok!


I want to try more stuff like this myself in future. :)


Looks cool!